15 Places on my Travel Bucket List

Right now, I think we can all agree that it would be nice to get out of the house.
I have always loved to travel, though I haven’t yet been out of the United States, and quarantine has only increased my wanderlust


Right now, I think we can all agree that it would be nice to get out of the house.

I have always loved to travel, though I haven’t yet been out of the United States, and quarantine has only increased my wanderlust. One day, I want to have a travel blog or YouTube channel.

To make myself feel better about being stuck inside, I decided to make a kind of bucket list: a list of places I would love to travel after quarantine, or just visit one day in the future.

This list is going to be slightly random and slightly unrealistic, but… it’s always fun to make bucket lists, right? And who doesn’t like to dream about traveling the world?

1. Paris, France– as I have probably bemoaned on this blog before, I was supposed to go on a student exchange trip to France in June/July. Unfortunately, with the current global circumstances, the trip was canceled. They’re saving my application for next year, but if we are STILL quarantined in summer 2021- which, if our luck continues, will probably happen- I’ll have to wait until 2022.

2. London, England– I just want to travel around all of Europe. I wish I lived in Europe.

3. New York City, New York– I have seen the Statue of Liberty from the NJ side of the New York Harbor, but I’ve never actually been into NYC. Actually scratch that. My dad just told me I went there when I was a baby. That doesn’t really count though. (NYC was supposed to be part of the canceled exchange trip as well…)

4. San Francisco, California– SF is on the long list of places I may want to live one day. If it wasn’t soo expensive. I also don’t like fog THAT much, so I’m a little iffy. But I really want to go there, and to the rest of California as well.

4. Banff, Alberta/Canadian Rockies– I LOVE the mountains!!! I have been to Colorado two times, and CO is number one on the list of places I want to live, but I haven’t ever been to the Canadian rockies or Canada in general and I have seen so many gorgeous pictures. I need to go there one day!

5. Vatican City/Rome- I’m Catholic, so it would be really interesting to go to Vatican City. I’ve also always wanted to go to Rome and just anywhere in Italy.

6. Monument Valley, Arizona– The only Wild West-y place I have been is Arches National Park, which was amazing. I really want to drive along the scenic byway in Monument Valley, perhaps during sunset.

7. Honolulu, Hawaii– Who doesn’t want to go to Hawaii, though? Truthfully, I don’t think I have ever been anywhere “tropical” in my life, unless you count Orlando.

8. Sydney, Australia– I used to be friends with a girl whose family moved to Sydney when we were in second grade. I have always wanted to see the southern hemisphere, and Australia just seems really beautiful.

9. Tokyo, Japan– Tokyo is apparently a very nice city to visit, and it just looks so cool! I would love to go here.

10. Amsterdam, The Netherlands– Half of my Pinterest feed is pictures of Amsterdam. And for a good reason.

11. Yellowknife, Northwest Territories– I used to have this fascination with Yellowknife being one of the coldest places in Canada, and just a general obsession with northwestern Canada and Alaska. I also really want to go somewhere where I can see the northern lights.

12. Switzerland (anywhere in Switzerland)– I love mountains, and Switzerland just seems like such an amazing place to visit. I need to see the Alps!

13. Niagara Falls, New York– I feel like so many people have gone to Niagara Falls. I haven’t, though.

14. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming– Throwback to the fake Old Faithful geyser I was scared of at Disney World when I was five!

15. Machu Picchu, Peru– Machu Picchu is just so mysterious, interesting, and picturesque. It would be so absolutely fascinating to visit

That’s all for today’s post. Have you been to any of the aforementioned places? What travel destinations are on your bucket list?

Thanks for reading!

34 comments on “15 Places on my Travel Bucket List”

  1. I would suggest going to the Canadian side of the Falls instead. I mean its cool to go to the NY side but theres a better view and better things to do on the Canadian side.

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      1. Also, London is my favorite city in the world and I hope you can make it there some day! Its truly worth it. πŸ™‚

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  2. I love all your picks! I’d love to go to Honolulu and London someday, those have both been on my (hypothetical) bucket list for ages. I’ve been to NYC, San Francisco (walked across the Golden Gate Bridge!), Yellowstone, and I went to Banff last summer–I’d highly recommend all of them! Out of those, Banff was definitely my favorite, absolutely gorgeous! πŸ™‚ If you go there, you HAVE to visit Lake Louise–easily the prettiest water I’ve ever seen, just pure turquoise…

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  3. Ah this makes me want to travel too! It’s sad that everything is put on hold from covid. I used to live in SF and it is my favorite city in the world, I highly recommend! It is expensive, but not so bad if you are young & willing to live with other people. It’s definitely worth it. I also went to Japan last year and can confirm that Tokyo is such a cool city!! I’d love to go back. I’d love to go to Australia & Italy as well. Here’s to hoping we can travel again soon! 🀞🏻

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  4. I would totally go with you to any of these – especially Machu Picchu, Honolulu, Monument Valley and Sidney 😍
    And I have actually been to a couple of them already 😊 – most of the European ones (I live here, though, so that’s not a big accomplishment…) and San Francisco. (I’ve also been to the New York airport, but I doubt that counts πŸ˜…).
    Also, another place that’s definitely on my bucket list is Iceland!! I would love to go on a hiking trip there some day! And it’s a childhood dream of mine to one day go explore the Amazon rainforest…

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  5. There are so many wonderful places on this list! My husband is always making fun of me because I’ll travel just about anywhere, but I’ll definitely have to add a few from here! ❀️

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