5 Ways You Can Use Chat GPT to Save Time and Increase Your Productivity

Since the release of OpenAI’s extremely advanced text generation artificial intelligence, dubbed Chat GPT, the Internet has been going wild over its incredible potential.


Since the release of OpenAI’s extremely advanced text generation artificial intelligence, dubbed Chat GPT, the Internet has been going wild over its incredible potential. Though many have been talking about it online, I am frankly surprised that everyone in my daily life is not discussing it, because this thing has revolutionary capabilities.

I am also shocked that it is still not behind a paywall, and you can access it 100% for free! All you need is an account.

This AI is even more impressive than OpenAI’s previous iterations, such as GPT-3, which I wrote about back in June, and can be used for a wide variety of tasks. Its popularity has even lead to concerns about students using the AI to cheat in their schoolwork, as it can generate very human-sounding text.

I can hardly believe how much AI has advanced just in the past five years. There used to be a time, very recently in fact, when I could easily tell off hand whether something had been AI-generated or written by a human, but now it is impossible. Chat GPT 100% passes the Turing test, to a scary degree.

Though I do not condone using Chat GPT to cheat on your schoolwork, the AI can be used in many honest ways to streamline your workflow and make school and work easier. Here are ten ways I’ve been using OpenAI’s Chat GPT to save time and increase my productivity.


1) Chat GPT can quickly summarize articles

Is there a topic you have been wanting to read up on, but you don’t have time to slug through a dense Wikipedia article to get that basic understanding? Ask Chat GPT to summarize it for you! It can generate brief summaries of articles in just a few seconds, and you can specify that you want the summary to be written in easy-to-understand language.

I have not checked the accuracy of Chat GPT’s summaries, but from what I have read online, it has a track record of accuracy. I have used this function several times to learn the gist of topics that I only need cursory background information on.

In this example, I was reading a dense Wikipedia page to get background information I needed to understand the basics about cosmic dust in order to understand the purpose of some code I was going to write, so I asked Chat GPT to give me a summary:


2) Chat GPT can explain topics to you in a simple way

If you are having difficulty understanding a topic, Chat GPT is also good at coming up with interesting metaphors and explanations that can make concepts less opaque. Asking Chat GPT to explain things to you in a simple way, you can pick up the general gist of a topic more quickly, helping put you on track to understand something in its entirety.

In this example, I asked Chat GPT to explain the Monte Carlo Tree Search algorithm in a way that a child could understand, because I had to learn this algorithm, which is actually used in artificial intelligence networks like AlphaZero, and I was confused. This is what it generated:


3) Chat GPT can generate simple code

(For this tip, make sure you are only using this for tasks in which using AI-generated code would not be unethical. For example, I would not do this for school assignments.)

Chat GPT is good at generating simple code. You can use it to quickly generate boilerplate code, or other snippets of code that don’t require a ton of thought and would just be tedious to write. As a bonus, it can also explain the code to you, and even add comments!


4) Chat GPT can help you come up with new content ideas

I thought for a bit about the, you know, philosophical implications of this one, because, if I’m getting post ideas from Chat GPT, they aren’t really my post ideas, are they? But then I thought about how often people look to articles like “50 post ideas for book blogs”, or “25 video ideas for new YouTubers”, and I think it’s okay to use Chat GPT to get some ideas, if you’re out of content ideas.

I don’t intend to use any text generation AI for my actual writing, though, because that would be crossing a line for me– I want my writing and my blog to be my own, entirely, even if using Chat GPT for repetitive post introductions or video descriptions would save time.

However, I think in the near future we will see a boom in Internet blogs that are entirely AI generated. To be honest, I’m tempted to try that out myself and see what it would look like.


5) Chat GPT can give you its own productivity and time-saving tips!

As the last tip for today: you can even ask Chat GPT to tell you its own tips. Though the tips it generates are admittedly pretty well-known, it is still helpful as a reminder to keep healthy habits.

Those are all of the Chat GPT uses I have to share today, but I may create a follow-up post with additional strategies in the future.

Have you used Chat GPT? How do you use it? Let me know in the comments!


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8 comments on “5 Ways You Can Use Chat GPT to Save Time and Increase Your Productivity”

  1. ChatGPT has been so helpful for learning web development to the point that when I get stuck I go to ChatGPT first instead of stackoverflow. It sometimes makes stuff up, but its still a great tool to have

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  2. One should never completely rely on ChatGPT, it should be used as a starting point to give ideas and framework, unfortunately the output is easily detected as AI and not always 100% accurate, this will not give you an advantage as is, but it will boost productivity with more than 50% when used correctly.


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