Reacting to My Old Writing: “Neighcity News” | My Spoof Horse Newspaper from Fourth Grade

To understand this post, you have to understand that in elementary school, I was very much a horse girl.


To understand this post, you have to understand that in elementary school, I was very much a horse girl.

At one point, I actually had invented this entire universe of fictional characters that happened to be multicolored horses (no, not My Little Pony. It was called Horsiland) I set up an entire city made out of old cardboard boxes in my basement to house my dozens of horse figurines and My Little Ponies, I brainstormed entire story plots with my friend at recess… and I wrote spoof newspaper articles.

The capital city of Horsiland is called Neighcity (yes, I know, so creative), and it has an online newspaper site called Neighcity News.

I believe I wrote all of these in December 2014, so this was when I had just turned 10.

The first headline is:

The NeighCity News: Young Stallion Becomes President After Consuming Toxic Grass

Oh man, that doesn’t sound great…

My favorite sentence: “A lot of evil grass can cause a horse to act extremely evilly.”

Some backstory: the DarkHorse is one of the main villains in the whole Horsiland thing. She lives in a sinister lair that everyone knows the location of but is just content to let her stay there being nefarious, and she wants to bring destruction to Horsiland for unspecified reasons which are explained in one of the novels I wrote…

Oof, we’ve got some political scandal going on here in Horsiland. I vividly remember thinking I was so clever for writing a comment section and everything. And I loved giving all the horses palindrome names. For some reason. I think I had just learned what a palindrome was.

Let’s move on to the next article…

The Neighcity News: Genius Mares Create Rolling Machine

A….. “Karr”…… I’m going to have to step out for a minute.

This is peak comedy.

My favorite part about writing these was coming up with the names. This actually brought back a lot of memories.

That’s all I’m going to react to today, but I have two more of these articles I can use for a Part 2 as well as a bunch of full ~novels~ about these characters. What was your favorite animal as a kid? Did you like to write?

I’ve previously reacted to some of my other old writing:

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23 comments on “Reacting to My Old Writing: “Neighcity News” | My Spoof Horse Newspaper from Fourth Grade”

  1. I laughed pretty hard reading this! It seems your imagination and creativity had no bounds (I hope it still doesn’t). Inventing a whole universe of your own is no mean feat, and Karr and horsiland are simple but ingenious :). Thanks for making my morning!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Since im here I might as well ask, are you planning to continue creative writing or even writing as a future career option? I’m definitely looking forward to looking through some of your other posts and you sure know how to Brighten someone’s day!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Thank you so much! It’s a bit complicated since I haven’t done creative writing in a few years– I mostly just write blog posts nowadays and I’m planning to go into STEM, but of course I love books so much that writing one someday will always be a goal

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Oh gosh you really do have so many talents and interests then! I hope you do always write 🙂 ive just started a blog myself and it’s been so calming to have a place to write thoughts down… I actually wondered if there was a way which I could get to know you better personally? I just turned so I’m in a similar stage of life and I thought it’d be cool to find out more and exchange stories. That’s if you’d be interested in doing so of course! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Neighcity News is definitely on par with other newspapers I’ve had the pleasure of reading 🤣 I don’t think an article or comment section has ever made me laugh this much! I’m seriously impressed, and would love to know if love grass makes a horse act as lovely as the evil grass makes it act evilly.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. This was absolutely adorable and wholesome!!! I canNOT wait to read more about Horsiland and all of its palindromic characters 😄

    P.S. I personally preferred to write about superheroes that turned into animals… used to think I was so clever with character names like C. Atman… 😆😆

    Liked by 1 person

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