15 Things I NEED To Do This Summer | Summer 2021 Goals

It’s finally…. FINALLY…. basically summer. And that means it’s time to make a whole new list of goals to use to reset my life and give myself a sense of accomplishment even if I spend my summer doing none of these things after all!


It’s finally…. FINALLY…. basically summer. And that means it’s time to make a whole new list of goals to use to reset my life and give myself a sense of accomplishment even if I spend my summer doing none of these things after all!

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My 2021 Summer Goals

1) Grow my blog to 700 Followers

This is a bit ambitious; right now I have 584, but I might as well aim high right? I’m also trying to post more often, and hopefully you noticed that as soon as AP exams ended and I stopped getting crushed with busywork my posting schedule went from once in a blue moon to my good old summer 2020 Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule.

2) Watch all of Crash Course Chemistry and learn material for school

Yes, I’m one of THOSE people who try to do work in the summer. But listen. I’m taking 6 APs next year and I am trying to keep myself in the right mindset because otherwise the fall will be a fiasco. My friend and I are going to watch all of it together and take brief notes.

3) Learn how to do eyeliner

This seems like a random one, but here is the story: I hate learning how to do makeup and putting on makeup, etc., but I think I look way better with eyeliner on than I do without it when someone helps me do my makeup for a special occasion or something. But every time I try to put it on myself, it looks REALLY BAD.

4) Finally publish the update to my app

I have an app published on the iOS store, but for privacy reasons I can’t say the name on it on here. I’ve been working on a redesign of it, but I keep procrastinating because I have a really unfortunate relationship with programming projects (I won’t want to work on it and procrastinate for months, but then as soon as overcome the barrier to entry I won’t be able to STOP working on it)

5) Start sleeping with my phone outside of my room

I have become acutely aware of how addicted I am to my phone, especially now that school’s over and I don’t have very much work I need to be doing. Every morning, after snoozing my alarm five times, I go on my phone for “just a few minutes” to wake up my brain, because otherwise I physically can’t get out of bed. First I’ll check to see if there are comments on my blog. Then I’ll check Goodreads because it’s sort of productive to think about books. Then I’ll check the weather. Then I’ll check Pinterest (gotta remind the algorithm I’m here!). Then I’ll check my email in case anything important happened. Finally I’ll check Instagram when the last of my self-control runs out. Soon it’s been 30 minutes. I’ll feel guilty and get up to have breakfast, but I’ll still be groggy. I’ll bring my Kindle, but it’s not as interesting as my phone, so I’ll look at my phone while I eat. Then I’ll feel guilty for having spent the first hour of the day on my phone, and spend the rest of the day feeling guilty and distracting myself by going on my phone some more. Soon it’s the afternoon and I feel like a slug.

^^^ Summary of my day yesterday

I need to find my old alarm clock and start using that instead so that I can FINALLY break the using-phone-right-before-bed-and-first-thing-in-the-morning habit.

6) Make a final list of colleges I am applying to

There is a pit of dread in my stomach and it is there because of college applications. I’m going to be a high school senior in September which means I have to apply to college this fall, and I’ve been trying to ignore the looming responsibility of making my final list of schools and starting the essays and all, but now it’s time….

7) Spend more time “monotasking”

This is kind of similar to #5, but I’ve noticed something concerning. My attention span is extremely short. Can’t-watch-a-YouTube-video-without-reading-comments-at-the-same-time, can’t-eat-without-being-on-my-phone, checking-phone-every-five-minutes-while-reading short. As a kid I used to be able to sit and play with my horse figurines or color or, most often, read for hours on end without moving from my spot. Now, I’m lucky if I can read for an hour without getting up and checking my phone. So this summer, I want to spend more time feeling bored.

By that I mean, instead of pulling out my laptop to google random questions on my mind or scroll through x feed again, I want to go and learn a new piano piece, or pick up my book, or take a calm walk without listening to an audiobook or music. Maybe then I’ll be able to get my concentration back.

8) Read the books on my school list

Again, this one is similar to #2 on the list: I want to read the books on my school list so that I’m ready for English next year… and also because I would read them anyway because I’m obsessed with books. Tragically, my class did not get to read any books this year because of online school, so now I have to read all the books we would have read AND possibly the ones we’re going to read.

9) Learn how to make 3 new recipes

I like to tell my family that when I live on my own I will always be getting takeout, because I hate cooking, which is mostly true (because it’s so much work, and then you just get one bowl of food which takes 20 minutes to eat, and then you have to clean it all up) but today I made “TikTok ramen” out of those instant ramen noodles and it was actually kind of relaxing (except when the stove was too hot and my soy sauce started splattering everywhere for a brief minute) so I want to try to become a less-bad cook and learn how to make at least three new recipes because right now I can only make pasta.

10) Work on my blog Pinterest and Instagram accounts

What are you doing on Pinterest and Instagram if you’re horrible at making things look aesthetic? I don’t know, but I have accounts for my blog now so please follow them! My more specific goals are reaching 100 followers on Instagram and 50 followers on Pinterest.

Pinterest | Instagram

11) Learn how to drive

I got my learner’s permit almost a year ago but during the pandemic it was difficult to find time to go out driving, so I haven’t really practiced much. I really want to get my license though so another one of my summer goals is to learn how to drive and get the required practice hours in my state so that I can get my license in the fall.

12) Get into a routine of pre-writing and scheduling blog posts

I’ve been doing this more often recently and it feels amazing! No more pressure to churn out a blog post on every posting day, more time to come up with ideas, etc. etc.

13) Spend time on a new relaxing/creative hobby

I need to find another fun hobby to do. I don’t know what, though. Photography? Knitting? Calligraphy? I don’t know. I’m not very artsy, but I wish I were, so I kind of want to see if I can BECOME more artsy. You know?

14) Buddy-read books with my friends

I’m going to buddy-read Song of Achilles with my friend soon, and I think the idea of reading a book together with someone and getting to discuss it afterwards is so fun. At the very beginning of the pandemic I started a book club which immediately fizzled out when we realized the library and bookstore wasn’t opening any time soon, but now that it’s easier to get books, it should be better.

15) Do a coffee detox

I know. FRAPPES & Fiction, going on a coffee detox? I love coffee so much, but I think our relationship has become toxic. I want to stop having it every single morning for a while and see if it helps fix my sleep schedule.

I have already started this goal, not totally voluntarily (my parents used up all the coffee before I woke up yesterday, and once I skipped one day and suffered the terrible headache, I thought might as well just keep it up and do a total detox for however long)

Okay, that’s it for my 2021 summer goals! What are your goals this summer? Do we have any of the same?

As always, thanks for stopping my blog!

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