The Currently Reading Book Tag

Today I am bringing you the Currently Reading Tag. Thank you to The Reading Addict for tagging me!

a beautiful autumnal picture in honor of my FAVORITE season

I survived!

The first week of online school was definitely weird, but I actually didn’t hate it. I’ve heard lots of people complaining that being on their laptops all day gives them a headache, but… I’m on my laptop 24/7 anyway so I haven’t exactly noticed a difference.

I also finally started going back to some of my extracurriculars, and let’s just say I have appreciated the reminder that people besides my family actually exist in the world.

Today I am bringing you the Currently Reading Tag. Thank you to The Reading Addict for tagging me!

Let’s go ahead and get into the questions!

The Questions:

How many books do you usually read at once?

Usually just one, but sometimes I’ll read two or three at once if a) one of them is super tedious b) one of them is for a school assignment or sometimes c) they are vastly different genres or d) one of them is an audiobook

How do you decide when to switch between multiple reads?

I’ll switch between different reads depending on my mood. If I feel like reading something challenging, I’ll read the more tedious book. If I feel like reading something quick and exciting, I’ll read the fluffier book. If I feel like cleaning my room, I’ll put on the audiobook.

Do you ever switch bookmarks partway through a book?

I don’t usually use bookmarks. (uh oh, is that sacrilegious?) I normally use sticky notes or pieces of paper, and I honestly have no idea if I switch them out midway through books or not because I lose them all the time.

Sometimes I just try to remember the page number I was on instead of marking the page, but that usually makes it harder for me to concentrate on the book. I’ve also been mostly reading off my Kindle recently, which forgoes the use of bookmarks.

What time of day do you read the most?

During school, the answer to this would be at night before I go to bed. Right now, I would say between 3-7 PM. That’s usually the time frame in which I do my one-sitting reads. I still read a lot at night, though.

How long do you typically read in one session?

I have a very consistent attention span cutoff point at two hours. Even when I was in elementary school, I would always be able to read for two hours- and just two hours- before taking a break.

The same thing applies to studying and blogging and programming and anything else I concentrate on. It’s always two hours. I don’t know why.

Unfortunately, though, I think the typical time I spend reading has decreased recently because I keep getting distracted by my phone. I always go back to my book after checking my phone, though, so I don’t know if these short distractions really affect this question. I probably read for about an hour at a time, but it depends.

Do you read hardcovers with the dust jacket off?

I don’t like hardcovers for this reason. I usually keep them on, but they are so annoying that I end up taking them off after reading for a while.

What position do you mainly use to read?

Wow um… I’m not exactly sure. If I’m on my Kindle, I can read lying on my stomach, side or back. Pretty much any position, because it’s super easy to read on a Kindle. I also often read sitting at the table and eating. If I’m reading a physical book, I usually read lying on my back with my knees up to prop up the book. If I’m listening to an audiobook, I usually pace around the house if I’m energetic or lie down if I’m not.

Do you take your current read with you everywhere you go?

Now I don’t get to go anywhere… but I used to never leave the house without 1) my phone and 2) my book. This one time right before quarantine started, I went to the media center in the morning and ended up carrying six books around school for the rest of the day. I got a lot of stares from people, especially when the books kept falling out of my backpack during class.

How often do you update your Goodreads reading progress?

I’m not sure if this question is asking about reading progress as in location in a book or reading progress as in the number of books you have read in the year.

As for location in the book, I almost never update it on Goodreads until I mark the book as finished. One thing I do often is mark the book 99% finished when I reach the end, and add a little comment in my update about my opinion of the book. Then I’ll just mark it as finished.

As for keeping track of the number of books I read, I update my Goodreads religiously. It’s how I keep track of my reading. I joined Goodreads in 2017, and since then, updating my account has become a deeply ingrained habit. Almost all the “dates read” are accurate because as soon as I finish something, I automatically open Goodreads and mark it as finished. Plus, I like reading the reviews.

… well, that’s all of the questions! (I would give credit to the original creator of this tag, but I am not sure who started it)

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  1. This is such a fun tag! I also lose bookmarks all the time and just use flat items that are close by 😂. I like how you update Goodreads briefly at 99%! That’s smart! Thanks for tagging me! ❤️

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