My Weird Reading Habits

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Hi everyone! I wrote this article really randomly and I don’t know if it’s already a tag, but here are a few of my weird reading habits

1. Eating Pretzels While Reading– this habit is really oddly specific and my friends will laugh at me if they read this because I have a serious pretzel addiction. It’s a longtime childhood habit of mine to read while eating pretzels late at night and I still do it, even if it isn’t the healthiest.

2. Binge-reading- Now that school is closed because of the coronavirus I don’t do this anymore, but when I had school I wouldn’t read anything for months, then take one trip to the library and finish 2 books in a weekend. This past school year I think I read more books the week after midterms than I did the entire fall….

3. Trying to Multitask while Listening to an Audiobook- I can’t just sit there when I’m listening to an audiobook or I get bored. I’ve attempted to write code while listening to an audiobook, I’ve even tried to study while listening to an audiobook. It worked, but maybe it wasn’t the most efficient strategy.

4. Using a Sticky Note for a Bookmark- I always lose any real bookmarks, but I can always keep track of the sticky notes I use instead. Well, at least I don’t use a crumpled (clean) tissue for a bookmark like my sister does and ruins my books

5. Falling Asleep During an Audiobook- If I try listening to an audiobook too late at night, I always fall asleep during it. It’s really annoying because then I have to rewind it the next morning

6. Reading Goodreads Reviews Right After Finishing A Book– I don’t know if other people do this, but whenever I finish a book I always read the Goodreads reviews to see if other people agree with my opinions. Even if I loved the book, I always read the one-star reviews no matter what because they are without fail the most entertaining

7. Adopting the Accent of My Book– If I read Harry Potter, or Jane Austen, or Agatha Christie, I start thinking in a British accent. Sometimes I read it in my head in an accent too… I really don’t think I’m the only one who does this.

8. Making Up My Own Pronunciations for Words– Especially when I was younger, if I didn’t know how to pronounce a word I would substitute in my own version that wasn’t even really a word that I could say out loud, but just something I thought in my head whenever I read it… I don’t even know how to describe it…

Do you do any of these habits, or am I alone in my weirdness? Thanks for reading!

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