Month: May 2020

15 Classics I Really Want To Read

Unpopular opinion: I LOVE analyzing books in English class. Hear me out! English teachers definitely have a propensity to read a little too deeply into a text- arguably putting more thought into analyzing a book’s meaning than the original author, but I think there’s real value in interpreting the message of a book for yourself, even if you go a little overboard with symbolism. And most of the books we read are classics for a reason: they’re good books.

All of John Green’s Books, Ranked | What’s His Best Book?

So, is John Green really that pretentious? If you’ve been paying attention to the YA scene, you’ve probably read one of John Green’s books- he is a celebrated YA contemporary author who has written a lot of very successful novels. After finishing Looking for Alaska, I can finally say that I’ve read all of his books. They’ve all been hit-or-miss for me: I loved some of them and really didn’t like some of them, but I will always respect him for the lifesaver that is Crash Course US History. Without further ado, here is my ranking of John Green’s books, from worst to best!

My Weird Reading Habits

Hi everyone! I wrote this article really randomly and I don’t know if it’s already a tag, but here are a few of my weird reading habits 1. Eating Pretzels While Reading– this habit is really oddly specific and my friends will laugh at me if they read this because I have a serious pretzel

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The YA Tropes You Love to Hate|My NEW Posting Schedule

Admit it, you have heard someone hate on the Young Adult genre at least once. YA gets bashed a LOT because of the borderline-formulaic approach of a ton of popular books…. As an American teenage girl, I am exactly the target audience, and here are some common tropes even I’ve noticed… *Disclaimer- although they’re trope-y,

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